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POO the Card Game (Revised Edition)
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POO the Card Game (Revised Edition)

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The original award-winning game of poo flinging is back with a brand new facelift!
Bigger art!
Revised rules!
Card icons!
An updated, modern experience for a classic game!
How can you resist!!!
It’s been a tough day in the monkey cage and something in the food tonight wasn’t quite right. In the monkey world, there’s only one thing that can be done about it – fling poo!

It doesn’t matter who started it in this fast and furious game of monkey see,monkey doo. It only matters who’s got what it takes to be king of the cage!

Poo is a “take that” casual card game that only takes 10-15 minutes to play, with up to 8 players. Load up your hand with hilarious cards and fling poo at your friends!
Don’t worry – the art is cute, not gross, in case you were wondering. Which you might have been, given the title.

Selling Points:
• The original Poo is already a popular item!
• An Origins Award Winning game!
• Revised edition, with new layout and refined rules.
• Buy decks individually or in fun POP displays of six.
• Simple mechanics make it fun for the whole family.
• It’s not gross! The poo is only implied.
• Hilarious monkey art!
• Play with 2 to 6 players.

Target Market:
• Fans of the original Poo card game
• Fans of monkeys
• Fans of comedy
• Fans of family-style casual card games