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A Tale of Six Warlords Chapter One: Chaos Comes Creeping In


Footsteps echo through the expansive cavern of the convent. Statues and portraits of the Emperor litter the dark walls.

The footsteps quicken. Dim candlelight illuminates the numerous fluer-de-lys imprinted on the dank tiling.


Far-away screams of those repenting can be heard as the footsteps finally stop. A heavy door is pushed open, scraping loudly along the embellished tiles. Hushed voices can be heard from within.

Canoness Superior Sepheriah Bale, Anguished Crusader of the Red Raven, steps into the room. Immense stain glass windows at the far end give off an eery pink glow.

Many of the sisters within are kneeling in prayer, some sitting in pews. The most decorated seem to be gathered near the alter, staring into the hazy luminescent windows and talking in stifled whispers. Sepheriah makes her way down the aisle to the others. Palatine Decimea Veriel turns at the sound of the footsteps approaching her.

“Canoness Superior, I am glad you are here” she greets her higher ranking Sister.

“So it is true then?” Sepheriah asks.

Decimea bows her head solemly.

“The others are losing faith” reports Legatine Luceth Miraina.

Sepheriah slowly turns her head towards Luceth, rage filling her face.

“If that is the case may they all be sent to repent Legatine, including you, as I see those with despair in their eyes are wearing the colours of your order”

Luceth steps back.

“May the Emperor forgive me, I know not what I say. It is just… they have witnessed the terrible events that led to this” she points out the window with a shaking hand.

Sepheriah steps up to the window and looks down. Everything below is bathed in a radiant pink glow… a terrifying, corrupting glow.

The screams are louder now. Though this time it is not of those repenting, but those fighting against the corruption filling their minds.


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