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A Tale of Six Warlords Chapter One: Dakka Emerges


Large mechanised walkers emerge from the grim darkness illuminated by nearby explosions and their own glowing eyes.



Richard has chosen subtle colouring with contrast paint over drybrush and OSL to illuminate his army.

This is a slow grow of an Ork army that is focused around a clan of orks lead by a big Mek. Self Identified as the ‘Knyte Storkaz’ this clan cultivates mushrooms that enhance their ability to see in the dark. After all it is both cunning and brutal to deny a foe their sleep.


As the name suggests this clan has earned a reputation for terrorising factorums and forgeworlds throughout the Octarius sector. Keeping the best bits to bolt on to their ahem acquired ‘perium’ Dreads. The Mek’s aren’t simply repairing looted kit though. Big Mek Kanic is sent by the prophet of Gork and/or Mork to break the toughest bastions of the Imperium and other foes with lootable technology in the hopes it brings on bigger fights.


Each of these starts as an imperial knight kit of some sort that gets bult backwards before being blended and bashed with any leftover Ork bits from a deff dread. Or is it the other way around? A single Gorkanut kit will be stretched across three separate knights to have that haphazard look we all know and love about orks. Additional gubbins come from imperial armoured vehicles (astra militarum, space marines and adeptus mechanicus) a little bit of chain can go a long way to make something look brutal and haphazard.


These are built so they can play on their own using imperial knight rules or be included as various vehicles in an Ork list. So technically this is two armies in one that can fight each other. Nothing more ork than that!

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