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39th Host of Sicarian: Brett Martin



Darkness surrounds Apophis kneeling deep in his mediation chamber, only the slightest of mechanical hum penetrating the inky blackness. Only his thoughts accompanied by the sighs of air escaping a dead slaves lungs, butchered to power his ritual. Soon he must address the host and he must prepare exhortations to fire them, make their blood sing and the commitment strength. He can see unaided thanks to the Daemon deep inside.

A tremendous crack sounds beneath his feet followed by a clap of thunder loud enough to awaken the stricken below. A teleportium here? How, who would dare? The Strike Cruiser has no need of a Geller field except to prevent inhabitation of the slaves. All of the 39th Host are hosts in reality. He stalks from the chamber pausing only to pick up his Crozius and touching his Bolt Pistol. Clad only in his dark crimson robes he seeks answers.


Heading aft in the corridor his Coryphius catches him.
“It’s Abaddon” he says through clenched teeth, angered that someone could simply enter the ship.
“Lets not keep him waiting” Apophis replies evenly thinking to himself that explains the lack of warning. He’s arrived from the warp.

Approaching a lift Abaddon steps from the nearest lift platform dropping a servitor as he steps off.

“And you are?” snarls the Warlord of the 13th Crusade his face curdled as if offended by something he’s seen. Since he arrived on the slave deck it’s always possible, Apophsis knew other legions questioned their methods.
“Apophis, Lord, Dark Apostle of the 39th Host”
“I have need of you for an assault, do you submit?”

Oh the opportunities to humiliate the “great” Abaddon but he has no support nearby and the Dark Council has made it clear that the 13th Crusade is a combined mission.
“Submit, Lord? No we will assist however we might but we will not submit to any but our Lord Lorgar”

“Good answer, I can’t stand the spineless” grunts Abaddon. “Make for the 3rd planet in this system, there are number of other competing for something there and I wish to know what it was and cause as much confusion as possible”.

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